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High Detailed Photorealistic Tiger; UVunwrapped and smoothable, made with Maya. Shave and a haircut for hair.
This model has a clean geometry based on loops and ‘only’ quads. It is FULLY RIGGED AND ANIMATED, and comes with Maya settings for Arnold renderer.
(Ready to render exactly as you see above)
– eyes, corneas, gum, teeth and tongue are modeled separately.
The model is provided in the standard rigging pose. The pose of the preview images is included as well.
–6 High resolution textures:
-color.bmp (8192×8192)
-specular.jpg (8192×8192)
-bump.jpg (8192×8192)
-sss.jpg (8192×8192)
-furBody_clumps.jpg (8192×8192)
-furHead_clumps.jpg (8192×8192)
Measurement units: centimeters
Formats included:
-Maya 2018-
TigerRIG_maya2018Shave96v15.ma – default RIG (maya 2018 ascii)
hairCurvesExportedMaya2018.ma – hair curves (nurbs) converted from shave and a haircut hair primitives (maya 2018 ascii)
GuideCurvesExportedMaya2018.ma – guide curves (nurbs) converted from shave and a haircut hair primitives (maya 2018 ascii)
WalkAnimation.ma – animation file (maya 2018 ascii)
WalkRoaringAnimation.ma – animation file (maya 2018 ascii)
RunAnimation.ma – animation file (maya 2018 ascii)
signaturePose.ma – signature pose setup (maya 2018 ascii)
hairCurvesExportedMaya2018.fbx – hair curves (nurbs) converted from shave and a haircut hair primitives (fbx)
GuideCurvesExportedMaya2018.fbx – guide curves (nurbs) converted from shave and a haircut hair primitives (fbx)
Two mesh resolutions included:
Polycount (quads):
lowpoly tiger: 7656
highpoly tiger (fur nodes attached): 30594
eyeballs/corneas: 224
gum/teeth: 6144
background plane: 1
The rig is completely flexible and has smart Ctrls, for good deformations.
Below are some features of the rig:

Right Click Menu
Mirror pose for selected Ctrl
Space Switching
IKFK Controller
Auto Clavicle
Global Scale
Stretch Arm/Leg
Elbow/Knee Pin
Bendy Arm/Leg
FootRoll with options IK+FK Spine with smart Controller
Squeeze+Squash Spine
Colored Ctrls.
And more..
BlendShapes included (connected to ML_Head_Skull_Ctrl):
-eye Blinking

3 fully editable animation sets have been included in maya 2018 (referenced to the main rig) to make them easier to use and edit:

-walk (37 frames – loopable)
-walk+roar (37 frames – loopable) > YouTube video
-run (22 frames – loopable)  > YouTube video
You would need Shave and A Haircut for Maya 2018 (*/**) in order to render the hair, otherwise you would be able to render only the main mesh.
For an even better render quality you can increase the hair primitives count up to your machine memory limit (The actual renders have been made on a machine based on a single I7 cpu with 16 gigs of ram – about 10 minutes for a 1920×1080 frame)
–8 different hair systems for a total of about 3 mil. hairs.

Included: Exported hair curves and guides created by hair primitives (FBX and Maya 2018 ascii) so you can use them as guides if you’ re using a different Fur/Hair plugin.

* The actual files have been created with Shave and a haircut 9.6
** Please always use an updated Shave and a haircut release to avoid rendering issues.
The actual rendering settings (AA=5) are for a medium quality output (preview images shown above). To get better quality images you can increase the Arnold settings up to your machine limit.



Royalty Free License
- All Extended Uses
3D Model Specifications
  • Product ID
  • 10063
  • Published
  • 2019-Aug-21
  • Geometry:
  • [woocommerce_rating]
  • Polygonal Quads only
  • Polygons:
  • [woocommerce_rating]
  • 37,534
  • Vertices:
  • [woocommerce_rating]
  • 37,681
  • Textures:
  • [woocommerce_rating]
  • Yes
  • Materials:
  • [woocommerce_rating]
  • Yes
  • Rigged:
  • [woocommerce_rating]
  • Yes
  • Animated:
  • [woocommerce_rating]
  • Yes
  • UV Mapped:
  • [woocommerce_rating]
  • Yes
  • Unwrapped UVs:
  • [woocommerce_rating]
  • Yes, non-overlapping
3D Model Formats
  • Native Application:
  • Maya 2018
  • Renderer:
  • Arnold
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