Massimo Righi


Massimo Righi             

Experienced award-winning 3D professional with nearly 15 years of experience using digital media.  Self-motivated, innovative, adapts quickly to new solutions – meeting all challenging and mission-critical deadlines. Working as a free-lancer in the CG industry with his wife Silvia Puliè. Currently involved in various projects in the Film and Game Industries.

Area of Expertize

  • 3D creature modeling
  • Grooming fur/hair
  • Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Rendering
  • Illustration & Design


As a freelancer I’ve been involved in various CG projects, short and long term collaborations.
Here are a few:

Magazine and Publications

  • Digital Art Masters Vol2 (gallery showcase/making of)
  • 3D World Magazine (gallery showcase/CD)
  • Animation Reporter (gallery showcase/making of)
  • Animation Today (gallery showcase/making of)
  • PSD Magazine (magazine cover/making of)
  • 3D Maison (Two magazine covers/maging of)
  • Computer Grafica T&A (magazine cover/making of)
  • Cad Designer (gallery showcase/interview)
  • 3D Creative Magazine (gallery showcase/interview)
  • CgArena Magazine (gallery showcase/interview)
  • Maya Guida Completa – Imago Ed. (gallery showcase)
  • 3D Artist - various issues (gallery showcase)